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    Care Extra CIC / Care Extra Plus CIC
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    Care Extra - 07715847356

    Care Extra Plus - 07734180680


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    09:00 - 17:00
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    Care Extra

    Care Extra was established in 2014 and provides companionship and support to enable vulnerable adults to live independently in the community and maximize the quality of their lives. Many elderly people have little contact with the outside world. Their support worker may be the only person they see from one day to another, so making sure this is quality time can make all the difference. Many of our clients who joined us in 2014 are still with us, and most have kept the same support worker who they have got to know well, rely on and trust.

    We believe that meeting people’s emotional needs is as important as meeting their physical needs. We aim to provide a flexible and personalized service to meet people’s different wants and needs. That is why our service users will have one consistent support worker at a time of their choosing.

    Liz Wyles is the coordinator of Care Extra. Liz is a registered nurse and has worked as an army nurse and in the NHS. Liz has been with Care Extra since it started, she knows all our clients and is always willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure they all get the best possible service. She says ‘I know from personal experience how loneliness can have a devastating effect on one’s life, so I am pleased to be a positive help to people’

    How we can help

    • Light housework
    • Meal preparation
    • Engage in conversation and reminiscing
    • Take you shopping or do it for you
    • Prompt you to take your medication
    • Accompany you out for a walk, to an event or an appointment
    • Keeping in touch by phone
    • Look after your partner or friend while you have a break
    • We are happy to discuss any particular or special needs you may have and how we can help

    What we can do for family members and friends

    • Help you in supporting a vulnerable relative or friend, including people with dementia.
    • Give you regular updates on your relative or friend.
    • Offer professional advice and guidance.

    Dementia care

    Supporting people with dementia requires empathy and patience, as well as an understanding of how it affects people including family members.

    All Care Extra support workers have been trained in dementia awareness, including how best to support a person with dementia both emotionally and practically.

    Care Extra support workers are required to undertake regular training some of which is provided by our training adviser who specializes in mental health and dementia care training.