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    Care Extra CIC / Care Extra Plus CIC
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    Care Extra - 07715847356

    Care Extra Plus - 07734180680


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    Care Extra Plus

    Care Extra Plus (CEP) provides personal care as well as general support and works as an Introductory Agency as defined by the Care Quality Commission. Care Extra Plus vets experienced self- employed care workers to ensure they work to the highest standards and then introduces them to people needing the service.

    Clients are given a range of carers to choose from, and in this way should be able to pick someone they like, and who has the right skills and interests to meet their needs.

    Many elderly people have little contact with the outside world. Their care worker may be the only person they see from one day to another, so making sure this is quality time can make all the difference. That is why our clients have a regular worker who they can get to know.

    Our visits are a minimum of 45 minutes although we aim for an hour as this gives time for a chat and a cup of tea if appropriate. Because we are ‘not for profit’ we can provide more time with our clients at the same costs commercial companies charge for shorter visits.

    We believe people who need care and support should have it at an affordable price and the people who provide care and support should be properly paid for doing a valuable and important job. That is why our companies are ‘not for profit’ and any surplus that is generated will be reinvested in improving our services for the benefit of our clients and the local community.

    Lynne Atkinson is the coordinator for Care Extra Plus. Lynne has 16 years experience of working in the care sector both as a care worker and a supervisor. Lynne joined Care Extra Plus because she was not satisfied with the quality of service she was able to provide in the commercial sector.

    Like her colleague Liz, Lynne will always go the extra mile to ensure the clients have the best possible service. Lynne’s motto is: “It has to be good enough for my own family” and she says that is what Care Extra Plus provides.

    How we can help

    • CEP’s services are flexible to meet people’s different and sometimes complex needs.
    • Help with washing and dressing
    • Help with incontinence care
    • Support with medication
    • Doing light housework
    • Meal preparation
    • Engaging in conversation and reminiscing
    • Accompanying you out for a walk or to an appointment
    • Keeping in touch by phone
    • Looking after your partner, relative or friend while you have a break

    We are happy to discuss any particular or special needs you may have and how we may be able to assist

    Dementia care

    Supporting people with dementia requires empathy and patience, as well as an understanding of how it affects people including family members. Care workers working with Care Extra Plus are required to undertake regular training in all aspects of care including dementia awareness which includes practical ways to support people with dementia and their families.